Cultural Competition, 2018
Sit & Draw Competition
27th January, 2018 Saturday at 2.00 pm
Baghbazar Sarbojanin Durgotsav & Exhibition
Baghbazar Park
Recitation Competition
28th January, 2018 Sunday
Group A: at 9 a.m.
Group B: at 12 noon.
Group C: at 3 p.m.
Group D: at 5 p.m.
Baghbazar Sarbojanin Durgotsav & Exhibition
Baghbazar Park
General Information
Group A: 6years 1 day to 9 years.
Group B: 9years 1 day to 12 years.
Group C: 12years 1 day to 16 years.
Group D: Over 16 years. {Only for recitation}
(Age will be calculate as on 1 January, 2018)

Last date of registration: 20 January, 2018

Entry Fee Rs. 10 (Ten) only
You have to pay your entry fees Rs.10/-, 45 minutes before your events start
(for online registration candidates, and also they have to show the print out of the online registration copy to the reporting desk)
Online Registration
Contact For Collecting Form

Haranath High School

78, Baghbazar Street, Kolkata-700 003
(Near Girish Manch)
From 6 p.m. to 10.30 p.m.
Contact Number: 9830286129, 9433515080, 9831570102

Kumars Concern

Shyambazar Five Point
Contact Number: 25554627

Amar Electric

40B, Girish Avenue, Kolkata-700 003
Near S21 Bus Stand, Baghbazar
Contact Number: 9831109693

Biram Lok Agency (Grossary Shop)

55A, Hari Ghosh Street, Kolkata-700006
Contact Number: 9433396923

Pranal Stores

45/4, Rani Hrasha Mukhi Road, Kolkata-700 002
Beside Paikpara Mohit Manch
Contact Number: 9903441292

Industrial Engineering Corporation

1B, Ramkanto Sen Lane, Kolkata-700067
Contact Number: 8420884173

Bhimlal Show

Near Girish Manch, front of Haranath High School

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